Pure Sine Wave inverter 8000W 5000W 6000W DC12V 24V to AC220V 50Hz 60Hz inverter power Converter For Car Voltage transforme


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For my customers you could get the 4000W continuous pure sine wave inverter ($ 181) version delivered for free from 41 days..

  • Type: DC/DC Converters
  • Certification: CE
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Size: see detais below
  • Model Number: ZX-8000
  • Output Frequency: 50Hz and 60Hz (please tell us)
  • Output Type: Single
  • Output Power: >1000KW
  • Weight: 2kg-7kg
  • Output Current: 1A













Please don’t use Lithium battery if you use for Powerful appliances.

The main reason is that the lithium battery has a protection board, which limits the current load.
It can’t be brought with high power, and it is easy to break.

Please use Lead-acid battery!!!

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A. 3000w inverter, continuous power is 1500w, starting power(peak power) is 3000w
B. 4000w inverter, continuous power is 2000w, starting power(peak power) is 4000w
C. 5000w inverter, continuous power is 2500w, starting power(peak power) is 5000w
D. 6000w inverter, continuous power is 3000w, starting power(peak power) is 6000w
E. 8000w inverter, continuous power is 4000w, starting power(peak power) is 8000w


1. The inverter voltage must be the same as the battery output voltage. For example, if the inverter voltage is DC12V, then your battery voltage must also be 12V, otherwise the inverter will not work or be damaged.

2.,Make sure that the switch of the inverter is closed Before Connecting.

How to select suitable diverter?

First, What is the voltage of your battery? What is the capacity of the battery AH?
If your battery output voltage is 12v, then choose a 12v inverter. The capacity of the battery is directly related to the size of the electrical appliances. The larger the battery, the more electrical appliances it can carry.
For example: If your applicance’s power is 500W.
12V battery*60AH capacity*0.8 conversion rate=576w > 500W
so the electrical appliance or other less power’s electrical appliances can be used.

Second, what kind of electrical appliances are you going to use?
Electrical appliances are divided into resistive load appliances and inductive load appliances.
Resistive Electrical Appliances , for example: computers, TVs, fans, lights and other household appliances.
Inductive Electrical Appliances , for example: refrigerator, washing machine, ice sand machine, electric drill, water pump, sander, etc.

Resistive electrical appliances Don’t Have Starting Power, but Inductive electrical appliances Have Starting Power which is generally between 3 and 7 times. So first Please confirm whether your electrical appliance is inductive or resistive.

Finally, you have to know how powerful your electrical appliances are?
A. Resistive electrical appliances:
Select a inverter whose continuous power is larger than your Resistive electrical appliances.
For example, if your Resistive electrical appliance’s continuous power is 500w.
2000w inverter’s continuous power is 1000w > 500w.
So you can select 2000w inverter.

B. Indutive electrical appliances:
It must satisfied with 2 conditions.
1. continuous power.
Select a inverter whose continuous power is larger than your Inductive electrical appliances.
2. Starting power.
Note: Different electrical applicances have different starting power.
Select a inverter whose starting power is larger than your inductive electrical appliance’s 3 times to 7 times. (generally 3 times)
For example, if your inductive electrical appliance’s(electric drill) starting power is 500w*3(generally)=1500w
2000w inverter’s starting power is 2000w > 1500w.
So select 2000w inverter or 3000w inverter.

5000W Portable hand-inverter

Electric Appliances

Pure Sine Wave 3000W
Applicable electrical applicances: impact drill / polisher / small freezer / rice cooker / LED lighting / stereo / kettle, etc.

Pure Sine Wave 4000W
Applicable electrical applicances: Soymilk / Air Conditioner / Refrigerator / Electric Kettle / Induction Cooker,etc

Pure Sine Wave 5000W
Applicable electrical applicances: Microwave / Air Conditioner/Refrigerator / Electric Kettle / Induction Cooker / Water Pump / Power Tools, etc

Pure Sine Wave 6000W
Applicable electrical applicances: Microwave oven / air conditioner / refrigerator / electric kettle / induction cooker / rice cooker / water pump /electric pump / ice machine / ice maker / heater / blower / power tools,etc

Pure Sine Wave 8000W
Microwave oven / air conditioner / refrigerator / electric kettle / induction cooker / rice cooker / water pump / electric pump / ice shaver / ice maker / heater / blower / ice cream machine / power tools,etc


A: Freezer choose Which Inverter?
Freezers generally need to be more than 3000W inverter, and 3000W inverter for those with a volume of 300 liters

B: The product has no voltage output and the indicator light does not light up?
Possible causes: 1. Battery defect.
Solution: Check the battery and replace the battery if necessary.

Possible cause 2. Poor contact of the wire at the terminal.
Solution: Unscrew the terminal bolt and reconnect the wire to the metal part with the smooth surface of the gasket facing inward.

Possible reasons 3. The input polarity is close to cause the insurance to burn. ①
Solution: Remove the bottom cover to replace the supporting insurance. ①

Possible cause 4. The switch wire terminal is off.
Solution: Remove the bottom cover and reconnect the switch wire.
Note ①: Remove the bottom cover with permission or professionals, and it is strictly prohibited to remove it without permission.

C: The heat is large, and it will be protected after a while.
Possible causes: 1. The cooling fan does not rotate.
Solution: Check if there is any hard object stuck in the wind leaf.

Possible cause 2. The fan plug has fallen off.
Solution: Reconnect the fan plug terminal and FAN terminal pair.

Possible causes 3. The inverter is placed in a place with no ventilation.
Solution: dredge the ventilation duct.

Possible causes 3. The load power is at the critical point of protection.
Solution: Reduce the load power or switch to a higher power inverter power supply.

D: Booting cannot work normally.
Possible causes: 1. The load power exceeds the continuous output power of this product, and the overload protection is activated.
Solution: reduce the load, if it is an inductive load, leave enough starting power margin.

Possible causes: 2. The input surge time is too long or the battery is aging.
Solution: Use a low-power load or replace the battery.

Possible reasons 3. The input voltage is not standard, which leads to protection.
Solution: Check whether the product specifications are consistent with the battery.






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3000W, 4000W, 5000W, 5000W Portable, 6000W, 8000W

Input Voltage

12V, 24V

Output Voltage


Socket Type

50Hz, 60Hz